Today for math I did Probability with a coin the Task was to flip a coin any side and see the Probability chances of getting 50/50. So when I went home I grabbed a coin and flipped it 100 times when the head is facing up,100 times when the Tail is facing up and 100 time of any side facing up.



Holiday Fun

In the Holidays my mum checked out some holiday activities that me and my sister could go to so that we wouldn’t spend all the time at home. The next day we went to Onehunga Library and we did Origami plants it was a little hard to do at first but then I got the hang of it so I made a small one and a big one.

It was the next day and Me and my Sister went to make kites at Glen Innes library and we made kites we started by making the base and the we added the slim sticks to make the kite stay in position. After that we cut a piece of string and added bow-tie like pieces of paper on the string and then we went outside to fly it. That was two activities Me And My Sister did in the holidays, It was really FUN. One of the interesting activities we attended was Karate, we learnt a few easy steps to help in self defense, I did enjoy it a lot.