Summer Learning Journey: A Day At The Beach


For this task I had to basically finish the sentence I found it very easy and fun.

2 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey: A Day At The Beach

  1. Kia ora Helena,

    Simon here again from the Summer Learning Journey team. It’s great to see more of your blog posts. This task was a lot of fun and there are so many directions the story can go by the words being added. You’ve created a very eventful story here. It sounds like a lot of fun up until the shark was spotted! Have you ever been at a beach where there has been a shark sighting? I used to live in Australia and the closest beach to me used to always have beach sightings. The beach was closed a few times over summer. It’s quite exciting though because I quite like sharks. Have you ever seen any cool marine creatures before?

    Keep up the good work!

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Hi Simon,

      I have never been at the beach where there was a shark sighting but I have been to Sea Life Kelly Tarltons and saw a shark and some other cool sea animals.

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