SLJ: Design your own surfboard

For this task we were given templates to choose from so we can create our own surfeboard.

5 thoughts on “SLJ: Design your own surfboard

  1. Hi Helena,

    It’s Emma here again from the Summer Learning Journey.

    What a brilliant surfboard! The colours and markings you have chosen make it very vibrant and eye-catching. Is there any reason behind your choice of colours? When these colours are used together they remind me of the Warriors rugby league team. Have you seen them playing on tv before?

    I’m looking forward to seeing what cool business idea you come up with for the step it up part of this activity. Maybe they could be made for different sports teams?

    Have you ever tried surfing before?

    Thanks for sharing Helena!

    Emma – SLJ

    1. Hi Emma, I chose random colors and thought maybe I could put them together and I have seen the Warriors play on TV and I have never tried Surfing before.

      1. Hi Helena,

        The colours definitely go together well.
        Surfing is quite hard work! What sort of things do you usually like to do at the beach? I love to read a good book and relax in the sun – with lots of sunblock on of course!

        Emma -SLJ

        1. Hi Emma,

          My favourite thing to do at the beach is to dig a big hole in the sand near shore and make a mini pool.

          1. Hi Helena,

            That sounds like a lot of fun, my sister and I used to do that together too! We would sometimes even build a castle in the middle and surround it with water like it was on its own mini island!

            Thank you for participating in the Summer Learning Journey this year Helena.

            Emma – SLJ

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