SLJ: Joke-a-Thon!

For this task I had to come up with my own joke of the day.


5 thoughts on “SLJ: Joke-a-Thon!

  1. Hi Helena,

    A good joke! I suppose you would have to know what an atom is to understand it, because by nature atoms make up most our body!

    Are you going to give the step it up part of this task a go? I would love to hear what kind of puns you can come up with!

    Thanks for sharing Helena!

    Emma – SLJ

  2. Kia ora Helena!

    Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your Joke-of-the-Day – it really put a smile on my face! The double meaning in “making things up” is very clever – though I suppose many scientists (who don’t have a sense of humour) might not agree with us – ha ha!
    If you like joke telling, do look out for a future activity coming up in the Summer Learning Journey on Wednesday – it’s called ‘Food-Art Wordplay.
    I would love to see what vegetable art work you come up with.

    Nga mihi nui
    Naomi (Manaiakalani Facilitator)

    1. Hi Naomi,

      Thank You for commenting on my blog I Enjoy Summer Learning Journey a lot and I can’t wait to blog more things.


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