Summer Learning Journey Activity: Math Riddles Questions

Maths Riddles


For this I had to solve some math riddles. The hardest Riddle was slide number 2 because I couldn’t really find out how many squares there actually was.

2 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey Activity: Math Riddles Questions

  1. Hi Helena,

    You have done an awesome job with these riddles, some of them were quite tricky!

    When it comes to questions where you have to identify how many squares or number of shapes there are. I find it helps me to get some coloured pens out and outline them all in different colours. That way I know which ones I’ve counted and it helps me to spot ones I also may have missed. Importantly remembering that squares can come in different sizes. (So some of them could be made up of more than one small square)

    Thanks for sharing Helena,

    Emma – SLJ

  2. Hi Emma, thank you for sharing that tip with me. I’ll keep it in mind next time I come across a similar activity.

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