Seesaw Catapult

7 thoughts on “Seesaw Catapult

  1. Hi Helena,

    This nanogirl activity looks like a fun one, did you enjoy making your catapult?

    Is this a picture of the actual catapult that you made? I would love to see a video of yours in action!

    Thanks for sharing Helena,

    Emma – SLJ

    1. Hi Helena,

      Thats okay I can still clearly see what it is, did you take a video of it in action to see how it worked? I would love to see it!

      Emma – SLJ

        1. Hi Helena,

          Wow thats awesome! Thanks for sharing.

          It looks like it works perfectly, the small ball you are using flies high into the air! Have you tried getting it to land in anything too?
          I wonder how high it can catapult things, have you tried using different objects?

          An awesome catapult Helena! Keep up the great work.

          Emma -SLJ

          1. Hi Emma,

            I tried getting it to go through the inside basketball hoop I have and after several attempts I had finally gotten it in the hoop but I didn’t try using another object.

  2. Hi Helena,

    Well done for keeping at it!

    Thanks for participating in the Summer Learning Journey this year!

    Emma – SLJ

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