Summer Learning Journey: Creature Creation


For this task I had to make a character and write all it’s abilites and where it came from I found this task fun to do.

4 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey: Creature Creation

  1. Kia ora Helena!
    Thanks for completing another SLJ task! Your gold walker sounds like a very interesting creature! He sounds like he’d be a great friend to have (as long as you’re kind), he’d be able to help his friends get very very rich!! Would you want to be friends with the Gold Walker Zombie?
    I really like that you have written this description with your own words and ideas! I am wondering if you would be able to try drawing the creature yourself too! I’d love to see what you think the Gold Walker Zombie would look like?
    It’s okay to use other people’s images sometimes and if we have their permission, but your own creativity is much better!
    Looking forward to seeing your own drawing!!
    Talk soon ,

    1. Hi Theresa

      Thank you for commenting on my blog and I would want to be friends with Gold Walker and I will try and change the image and create it myself.Thanks for the tip

  2. Helena
    I love your own image so much – its unique and fun! Good on you for giving it another go.

    Take care
    Theresa SLJ

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