The Battle

I was fighting with Darth Vader using only one light saber as we were fighting I pushed him to the ground but he got back up and pushed me to the ground pointing the lightsaber to my neck saying ”IF I EVER CATCH YOU HERE AGAIN IT IS NOT GOING TO END WELL” He then let me go and ordered his men to lead me out. Him not knowing one of his men is in my team I went back to corelia and got dressed up in the spare outfit that his men were wearing and went back to Fortress Vader and acted like Dart’s Men But this time I had a group with me all together walked to Darth’s office I told everyone to back of a little and hide so that He thanks I am the only one their.


As soon as I walk in I pull out my light saber and swing it then Darth pulls out his lightsaber and tries to attack me but fails so I try stab him but it doesn’t work so Darth kicks me to the ground and snatches my sword out of my hand I call out my group and they come bursting through the door with their lightsabers and start attacking Darth but somehow he slowly takes them all out and I am left so I grab A light saber and tackle him to the ground and kick his lightsaber away then I take off Darth’s men’s outfit and I said “ I knew that one day I would take you down” but just before I could kill him he took off his mask and said that he was my father Anakin was standing by the door giving me the signal to kill him so I did and everything was peaceful once again but little did I know what was coming at me the next few days.



Air Pressure

Title:Air Pressure



To see what will happen when a ping pong ball goes on 


Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)


Tyrones: the ball will start to float then fall off

Ryan: The ball will float on the air waves coming out from the hair dryer.

Helena: I think that the ping pong ball will float on the air that is coming out of the hair dryer as long as long as the hair dryer is switched on, but it’ll fall off  If the hair dryer is switched off.




Ping pong balls and hair dryer 




Place the ping pong ball on top of the dryer and see if it will move around and stay in the air hope fully the hair dryer will keep the ball in the air and you will be able to move around with the ball staying in the air 




Because the hair dryer was old the air kept making the ping ball fall off as the watts were not strong enough to keep the ball in the air long enough. 




In conclusion the ping pong ball will fly up from the hairdryer until it reaches a point that the force of gravity pushing down on the ball is equal to the force of the air pushing up on the ball. We all had fun and we learnt something new about air pressure and hair dryers. 


Glass & Candle Experiment

Glass & Candle Experiment

On Monday 13 June we had to get in groups of 5 and try to predict what we think will happen with the Glass & Candle Experiment. We thought that the water would rise inside the glass.

equipment/ Materials:
Adult Supervisor
1x Plate
1x Candle
1x Match or a lighter
Whatever amount of water you would like, just don’t put too little
1x Glass cup
4x drops of food coloring( optional)
1x Marker

Method: Grab the Lighter/Match stick and light the bottom of the candle until the wax starts melting.Once the bottom of the candle starts melting, stick the candle in the middle of the plate and then pour some water in the plate as long as it is not too little or too much.After that put the glass cap over the candle and wait 5 seconds then you will start to see that the candle went out and the water is being sucked inside the cup.

Conclusion: After doing the experiment we all wanted to do it again and explore more about it.

Was there any air/Oxygen in the cup ?
What made the candle go out ?
How does the water get sucked inside ?