Sun city

While the jaguar was carefully watching the city he found two travellers, one was siting on a camel and the other was walking slowly behind the camel, the jaguar kept an eye on the travellers as they cautiously walked towards the city. After some time during the day the jaguar found the travellers in the city collecting wood and sticks to make a fort. They were collecting the wooden logs to restore all the broken buildings in their town. Later that day the two travellers started exploring the city and found vultures.


The vulture wasn’t that smart as he thought that he can be safe in a low ground. He didn’t know that the jaguar was quietly watching him waiting for the right moment to attack. In a stalk-and-ambush style typical of jaguars, the stealthy cat silently emerges from the bushes. Once the vulture notices the jaguar, it takes to the air in an attempt to escape, but doesn’t get very far. With lightning reflexes, the cat snatches the bird mid-air and pins it to the ground. After a quick battle with the vulture struggling to escape its predator the triumphant jaguar walks away with the bird dangling from its jaws.



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