The Day The Crayons Quit

Dear Duncan 


This is blue Crayon I am very short and tired because you use me for nearly everything here is the list of what you use me for. Water, Sky, Puddles, Rain,surgeon masks ,Police officer costumes and jeans. I am very exhausted you have overworked me to my limits that I am now the shortest out of all the crayons my clothes are too big on me. Blue crayon needs a break from colouring all those bodies of water. You’ve been using me for as long as I can remember and not giving me a break. 


At times it feels like I’m the only crayon in the box,I always work everyday and even on the holidaysI am very exhausted I am asking for a break if you let me have a break for a while then I will be happy.


Your exhausted friend blue crayon. 


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