Summer Learning Journey: My Summer Tiki Tour


For this Summer Learning Journey Task I Had to choose some destinations and pretend I was there and I write my experience. This task was very fun and I also got to learn some new things.

4 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey: My Summer Tiki Tour

  1. Kia ora Helena,

    This is a very cool looking summer tiki tour! I would definitely take your recommendations for every stop. I didn’t know there were bright coral reefs in Egypt, so thanks for sharing this information! 😀

    Do you have a favourite summer spot in New Zealand?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Hi Simon, thank you for visiting my blog, Egypt has a lot more than just the Pyramids but when you say Egypt the first thing that comes to mind is the Pyramids & Sphinx. For example Alexandria is the largest city on the Mediterranean, the sixth-largest city in the Arab world and the ninth-largest in Africa. Alexandria has one of largest library in the world, that is home to six million books. To answer your question I never been out of Auckland.

      1. I did not know that, so thanks for sharing that information!
        Auckland is a pretty cool place! You seem to be very knowledgable about other parts of the world, which is so special. I’m sure you will see a lot of countries one day! What is your favourite country that you have learnt about?

        1. Hi Simon, the country I have enjoyed learning about the most was the Sydney Opera House. I learnt a lot of things that I did not know about and that made me want to go and visit it one day.

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