SLJ: Food-Art Wordplay

For this task I had to put faces on the vegetables, it was easy and fun task.

7 thoughts on “SLJ: Food-Art Wordplay

  1. Hi again Helena,
    I love what you’ve done with your food art word play. Did you say the carrot could see more than you, because carrots are supposed to be good for our eyes?
    That pumpkin definitely deserves a break from Halloween haha
    Thanks for completing another SLJ task! Which ones are you enjoying the most?
    Talk soon

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog and I did say that the carrot can see more for that reason and my favourite SLJ task so far was the Hundertwasser art because I got research and learn about new things.

      1. Helena,

        Researching and finding out more is such fun and thankfully we have easy ways using the internet for example to do it now. I am often googling this thing or that on my phone daily as I hear or see things that I don’t know or understand.

        I hope that you have enjoyed the SLJ tasks – you have certainly done some good work. What have you got planned for the last bit of your school holidays?

        Talk soon
        Theresa SLJ

        1. Hi Theresa,

          I have enjoyed Summer Learning Journey tasks a lot and I think I will spend the rest of the holidays having fun and playing games.

          1. Hi Helena!
            That sounds like the perfect way to finish off the school holidays! What type of games are you going to play?
            Are you looking forward to going back to school?

    2. Hi Theresa.

      I will Probably be playing video games and some board games with my family and I am really looking forward for school.

  2. Hi Helena,

    I too am looking forward to going back to school – I actually spent a few days at school this week preparing for when my kids come back. Can’t wait. I’m glad you are looking forward to school too.

    Thanks for all the little chats Helena – been super neat!
    Take Care
    Theresa SLJ

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