NZSL Alphabet Match


For this task I had to math the Letter with the Sign Language so I tried my best to match them and enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “NZSL Alphabet Match

  1. Kia ora Helena,
    It’s Mrs Clifford from the Summer Learning Journey Commenting Team.

    Well done on completing this task! Do you think you can sign spell any words now that you know what the different letters are? When I was at school (years ago now), I learnt how to spell my name in sign and I can still remember it now. It’s so interesting how your brain remembers things!

    I look forward to seeing your next activity,
    Happy Blogging!
    – Mrs Clifford

    1. Hi Mrs Clifford thank you for commenting on my blog and I think I can spell some words in Sign Language and I can also spell my name.

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