Month: October 2022

Rotoroa Island

A few weeks ago on the first day of term 4 most of the year 6,7 and eight went to Rotoroa Island to learn more about the birds and plants I memorized 3 new birds and they are red saddleback,kaka and a wood pigeon I also learnt about the traps and how they work in preventing the predators from coming into the Island.



Today I learnt about Probability at school and I did some IXL at home to do homework.This was something new to me and I thought it would be hard but when you put your mind to it you will find it is easy.



Today for math I did Probability with a coin the Task was to flip a coin any side and see the Probability chances of getting 50/50. So when I went home I grabbed a coin and flipped it 100 times when the head is facing up,100 times when the Tail is facing up and 100 time of any side facing up.