Day: June 14, 2022

Glass & Candle Experiment

Glass & Candle Experiment

On Monday 13 June we had to get in groups of 5 and try to predict what we think will happen with the Glass & Candle Experiment. We thought that the water would rise inside the glass.

equipment/ Materials:
Adult Supervisor
1x Plate
1x Candle
1x Match or a lighter
Whatever amount of water you would like, just don’t put too little
1x Glass cup
4x drops of food coloring( optional)
1x Marker

Method: Grab the Lighter/Match stick and light the bottom of the candle until the wax starts melting.Once the bottom of the candle starts melting, stick the candle in the middle of the plate and then pour some water in the plate as long as it is not too little or too much.After that put the glass cap over the candle and wait 5 seconds then you will start to see that the candle went out and the water is being sucked inside the cup.

Conclusion: After doing the experiment we all wanted to do it again and explore more about it.

Was there any air/Oxygen in the cup ?
What made the candle go out ?
How does the water get sucked inside ?